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Camera360 (in Chinese Pinyin ‘Xiangji360’) is a worldwide popular camera app. It is ever honored as one of Top100 Technology Products all over the world by PCWorld in 2011. It is easy and fluent. It has rich Effects and has won 80 million users around the world so far. It is pioneering in phone photography and leads fashion of that.

V3.0 is nearly a new birth of Camera360. It brings such surprises as
Front camera is available, and can work full screen on phone with high resolution;
New UI—make operations easier;
New photo processing engine—speed up photo shooting and processing;
New interfaces of effects selection and scene camera—much easier to select effect and switch to scene camera;
New management of photos—classify ‘MY PHOTOS’ by date, and you can find what you want quickly;
New share function—make share easier and more wonderful;
We insist that we should remember our beautiful life moments in an easy and fast way with amazing photos.
Camera360(in Chinese pinyin Xiangji 360) — Art in your hand.
Control phone shooting and remember your beautiful life with Camera360 v3.0 for Android!
#She got new logo and Chinese name (in Chinese Pinyin Xiangji 360 )#
#She got new and better UI and UE#
#She can work full screen on phone with high resolution#
#She supports both front camera and back camera and it is easier for self-portrait#
#She got simpler operations of effect selection#
#She got brand new scene camera and there are numerous scenes waiting for you#
#She got a new way to manage photos that classify ‘MY PHOTOS’ by date, and it is easier for you to found what you need quickly#
#She can share your photos to many main social platforms easily#

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